Seeing Clearly in 2020!

Remember that book I wrote about eight years ago?

Thanks for taking the jump!!!

My priority for 2020 is to rewrite it!!! I'm so excited again!

I even bought a new notebook. Because it is a known fact that buying a notebook is half the task for any project.

I've got a new desk in my office, which means that I have moved all my clutter upstairs and out of my dining room.

The dogs HATE this.

What else is new? Well I started watching the British Bake Off, and it made me gain 15 pounds... Kim Joy has a nice smile, but damn those treats hypnotized me. It's not a big deal. I'm back to tracking my calories, and it will fall off.

It has to, because Dave absolutely will NOT be happy with me buying a new wardrobe!

Last year we adopted a new puppy. Well, dog, she's around three years old. Stella Blue looks to be a designer puppy mill dog, but we adopted her from a wonderful person who found her abandoned on the side of a road. The contact on her chip didn't want her back, so we took Maggie down to Augusta to see if we would all get along.

Maggie LOVES her. Stella loves EVERYONE. She is seriously the sweetest, most affectionate dog I've ever had.

I wanted a lap dog. I got a lap dog!