What To Do When You're Overwhelmed By Social Media

but you want to stay in touch with people

A million shares. The same post, for DAYS and DAYS. Links to crap and propaganda that you know was created by content farms and trolls. Cute videos with video ads in them. Pop ups making a comeback.

Social media was supposed to be how you kept up with friends from high school, but it has gradually shifted to a nightmare of anxiety inducing bullshit. We are stuck on a hamster wheel of sharing, commenting, and arguing. You can beat the fuck out of someone, and never actually touch them.
The anonymity of the internet birthed trolls, but those trolls were our friends.

How many times have you read a friend's post, then read a snarky comment, and argued with your friend's friend? They respond? You double the fuck down, because you will win this.

I just can't with it anymore.

My resolution for 2018 is to create more happiness for myself and others. I'm going to listen more and understand better.

So, I uninstalled a BUNCH of apps on my phone. No more Facebook, Messenger, or Twitter. I haven't deactivated my accounts, but I'm not going there for a while. On my laptop I blocked Pinterest, which had become a google search virus, and Facebook.

Who knows what tomorrow holds, but I'll be updating here for a while. Maybe I can even start writing again!

Wish me luck, and stay in touch!