Pennsylvania Congressman Pat Meehan Denies Sexual Harassment Claim

while spectacularly and completely displaying a lack of understand of what sexual harassment actually is

I'm so glad that women are having this moment. Look at how many people have a better understanding of what sexual harassment and sexual assault really is. Awareness does bring change, I have to believe that.

Pat Meehan said in a statement to the Philadelphia Enquirer, "I saw her as a soul mate" while denying allegations of sexual harassment.

Men like him see their desires as divine right. He felt like god was leading him down some path with this woman, as evidenced by a letter he wrote saying, "I hope we discover our path through His light".

The biggest clue that this was sexual harassment is the settlement he paid after finding out she was dating another, and Pat Meehan acted "selfishly" and "rough" in his office. (his words)

Now, there are some who still dig in, and cling to the notion that sexual harassment isn't a real problem, and that his actions and words are harmless. He liked her! Who doesn't want to be liked?

Think of it from a different perspective:

It's like if your "crazy" ex-girlfriend who wouldn't let your relationship go was actually your boss. And if you don't smile back, you could get fired, or never get a raise or a promotion.

Oh, and she wasn't ever your girlfriend. She just thought she was.