Goals, updates, thoughts, and navel gazing

I've been a crappy blogger! Neglecting my place on the internets, and frolicking elsewhere!

But I've decided that I'm making a resolution -- something I NEVER do -- and am going to sweep up and hang more curtains around here!

So, starting now, I'm officially updating again.

What's been happening?

I started a new job at Sur la Table, a cooking store. I help with cooking classes in a beautiful professional kitchen with incredible chefs. It's really amazing and I love it.

I participated and WON NaNoWriMo for 2014!!! Last year I was so excited to update this blog every day, and this year it was all I could do to type coherent sentences. I still feel like a winner, but this book needs a LOT more work than last year's book did... and I never even finished editing that one!

Next years goals:

  1. Update my blog on a regular basis. Why don't I aim for every week or so!
  2. Second draft of my NaNo 2014 novel. 
    • Last year I had an idea for a series inspired by Warehouse 13, Eureka, and Friday the 13th the Series. About half way through writing Two of a Time, 2014's NaNo Novel, I realized that this could be the first in that series!!! I think that's why I think it's a mess, because there is so much information there, and I do love the story, but it's so raw and jumbled. But it's going to be FUN to sort through it and work it out! 
  3. How about we try to publish something in 2015? Even if it's self published, I think I can finally put my name on a book cover. The very thought is exciting!
  4. This year I volunteered to be a Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo Charlotte. I'm going to work harder in 2015 with all of our different events, and looking forward to Camp NaNo in April and in July! 
    • Personally, my goal will be to really piece together Two of a Time, and be able to devote April Camp NaNo to editing and polishing!
Lastly, Merry Christmas to everyone who's stuck around! Muwah!