Buckle down, and getting motivated

Getting back in the groove, and getting results.

My goal for next week is to buckle down. 

I sent a few chapters of Planted off to be read, and realized while skimming through it that there were a LOT of places where I could tighten up the story. I haven't even read it in months, and I really thought it was more polished than I think it is now.

That's okay... I don't have a deadline! But I do want to shine the book up so maybe others will want to read it!

Monday I hit the ground running.

I am also looking towards NaNoWriMo, even though it's months away in November, I know I want to participate this year. I've applied to be the Charlotte Liaison. We didn't have one here last year, and I think it would be nice to get involved and see if we can't get a nice group of writers going.

I have a germ of an idea for two stories, so I'm thinking about that also... we'll see which coagulates and forms into a viable plot. I'll probably do like I did last year and spend October writing the outline and researching, then November happily typing away in pursuit of the goal!

How is your summer?