Planted 2

When I finished writing Planted, I almost immediately wrote a prologue for Planted 2, and began thinking about the plot for this sequel. 

I've spent a few months thinking about where I wanted the story to go, where the characters were going to find the rest of their story, and how they would grow and change. This weekend I had a conversation with my favorite sounding board: my husband. 

It's so terrific to be able to talk to him about what's happening in my mind, and hear his feedback and ideas. He really helps me hone in on the important aspects of the story. He helps me figure out certain decisions, and plot twists. He confirms for me ideas that I thought were great. 

In my life I've never had a lot of positive reinforcement, and it feels so good for someone to tell me that they love the story, they love the characters, and they love the idea that I'm going with. 

Now I've got approximately the first third outlined, and I'm so excited to get it written!