2014 is kicking my butt!

This year is already kicking my butt.
I feel almost useless. I get started on one project, get excited, get going... then fizzle and another project catches my eye to start it all over again. Translation: I've gotten almost nothing done.

But today I actually accomplished something... something huge.

I named Luke's people in my book Planted. I've been floundering for over a year, tying to decide what to call them. And today I finally hit on it, and I feel awesome about that!

I'm thinking about the plot and what's going to happen in the second book, and I knew some of the story would occur on Luke's planet. I've been looking up potential names for characters. I don't want something too out of the ordinary, but something similar but older... like ancient older. 

Wikipedia is great, you click on one article, then it has a link to something else interesting, and another, and another... and the next thing you know, you've named a alien species!!! It's tricky, because the name has to be ancient, but it HAS to be something we here on our planet would have come up with. (The why on this is part of the plot, and I can't explain, but it just has to in my mind.)

So how is 2014 treating you? Do you say "two thousand fourteen" or "twenty fourteen?" I always say twenty fourteen, it just makes more sense to me.