Happy New Year!

2013 was an amazing year.

  • I finished writing Planted. My very first book. My first real story! The satisfaction and happiness I felt writing it was so fulfilling. 
  • I participated in NaNoWriMo and wrote a second book! A Borrowed Life was birthed in November, and although it is a much different story, it makes me so happy to tell it.
  • My computer died the day after Christmas so I had the added joy of getting a new computer! This was not a wanted event, but I'm glad that I have a faster machine now.
  • This blog is doing well! We have many visitors... Hi Guys!... but not many comments yet. That's okay, it sometimes takes a while for participation to pick up.
I hope 2014 will be great! Since I don't deal with anxiety well I'm a planner. My calender is already full of goals and timelines and deadlines.

  • Continue to edit A Borrowed Life. Send query letters seeking representation for the story, with self-publishing as a back-up option. No matter what A Borrowed Life will be published before summer.
  • Continue editing Planted.
  • Continue writing Apart, the sequel to Planted. Hopefully Apart can be finished by September or October.
  • Develop and grow StephLJ.com, cultivate relationships with the readers here and grow a positive website.
On a personal note I hope to continue a beautiful life with my lovey hubby, Dave, and my beautiful daughter Lindsey. Our family is always meeting every challenge together, and I'm sure 2014 will be an adventure for us all.

What are your goals for 2014? Why don't we meet back here in a year to see if we were able to accomplish what we wanted and needed to!!!

Have a safe and happy new year, wherever or however you celebrate!