You Only Live Twice. Once when you're born, and again when you look death in the face.

NaNoWriMo is here!
It's time to stop talking about the great book I'm going to write, and actually write the words, get them down, do the deed.

Like many others, I stayed up until midnight to get a jump start! I waited until the click of 12:00am, and began typing on the document I had ready and waiting. At the end of this adventure I intend to take a screen shot of the daily word count, and post it. There will be no cheating on this watch!

I eagerly began typing, and the words flew. Since I had spent months thinking about the opening, it poured out of me very easily. In 30 minutes I had 900 words! I don't think I can maintain anything close to that pace for the long run, but it was a nice jump start!

In the interest of fairness, 24 of those words were the intro quote from Ian Fleming, so they don't count towards the 50,000 word goal!

Below I've posted the quote and the short prologue. I intend for the prologue and epilogue to both be short, and in first person. The rest of the novel is in third person. Done right this won't be confusing, but will add interest. At least... that's the goal!

How is your NaNo going? Are you having fun?

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You only live twice.
Once when you're born,
And again when you look death in the face.
   -- Ian Fleming, You Only Live Twice

I'm drifting... drifting. A pillow under my head, a puppy on my butt, and Conan in my ear. The blankets are snug around me, cocooning me in lavender warmth.

Heavy eyes, a shifting light, then a vision of bright snow. Bare birch trees reach up as fluffy flakes drift down towards me. I'm lying on the ground, and cold. So cold that I can't even shiver, I barely feel the snow as a few tufts find purchase on my face. When I look down on my cheeks I can see them, blurry and not melting. I try to move, I need to brush them away... and I'm falling. I'm falling off a cliff.

The fall jerks me awake, although now I don't think I was exactly asleep. I'm rolling over, the blanket off, exposing my shoulder, and my arm braces me against the mattress, saving me from the tumble and certain death.

Disoriented for a moment, I can't understand why my little dog hasn't awoken as well. But, what was a trauma for me, didn't even register to her. She is still snuggled in, now tucked safely under my rear.

Pulling the blankets up, I wiggle back down trying to find warmth and security, listening to late-night advertisements, knowing it will be a while before I drift off again.