Over the hump

With 27,898 words on day 17, I am still on the diagonal.
Not ahead... those days were awesome! But I'm still working, still typing, still writing my story. 

One of my weaknesses I've noticed in writing Planted, and now writing A Borrowed Life, is that I struggle with transitions. I write a good scene, and I know where the next scene happens... and I just have a little trouble getting them from here to there.

And then they. This is the phrase I've used to get me from that amazing scene to the next conversation that I need to happen. And then they isn't pretty. It's not descriptive, and it adds nothing to the story. But it allows me to move on and continue, and not get stuck. 

When I was writing Planted I loved this, and was able to go back and rework things and remove the and then theys!

What do you do when you're writing and get stuck?

I'm noticing more and more people hitting the finish line! That's awesome. I've also noticed more people saying they are behind and wondering how to catch up. You can do it!!! It will take some time, and hard work, but the month isn't over yet!

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