Isn't Steph supposed to be updating?

I've been so busy writing and being a social butterfly this week that I haven't even managed to update here since Monday! S
o, just slap me tight and call me silly!

A Borrowed Life is coming along well. I'm very happy with my progress, and as you can see, I've got over 16,000 words written! 

One of the nicest and most rewarding parts of this experience are the friends who have told me that they read the excerpt I posted the other day, and they like it. Just knowing that someone, or even more than one someone, was moved by something that I created makes me feel incredible. That's the reward right there.

Tracy Nobd is continuing on her journey. And for some reason today she decided to do the nasty... to do the deed... Tracy had sex. And I think we will all grow and learn from this experience. For example: Today I learned that I am not an erotica writer! And that I sincerely wish there was a porn thesaurus. Seriously... what am I supposed to call that thing? 

My husband is coming home after being gone for two weeks. So updates between now and Monday are probably not going to happen! Have a great weekend, and NaNo'ers, happy writing!

I'm still on Twitter! StephLJ And you can find me on NaNoWriMo, add me to your buddy list if you're participating!