Icky Thump Lump and pushing through

Have you ever felt a sort of uninspired disconnect?
You know you've got something to do, and you can't do anything about it. 

It was around two-ish this afternoon. I had been staring at the laptop for several hours, and written nothing. Just a few words to say that I at least opened the program today.

Then I tweeted, and a push came from a stranger. She said I could do it. She told me to just keep writing. A total stranger, and it was a push that helped.

I decided that Tracy, who is Terica now, was going to do a radio interview about her lives. It ended up being an awesome scene, because I got to show so much of what the character is doing, without it being a total information dump! 

I ended up with over 2,200 words today because I took Anisa Alice-Claire's advice and encouragement, and just kept writing. 

The great thing is that I'm back on track, I have new inspiration... because Terica is going to be talking to others about this little interview! And it feels great to still be on the way to accomplishing a huge goal.

Just keep writing. 

Even if you're behind. Even if you don't think you can finish. Even if your muse has run off with the pool boy, just keep writing. What can your character do to help you tell your story? Put them in a situation, and let them go!

There are twelve days left for 2013's National Novel Writing Month. Some people finished in twelve days! So, even if you have to catch up, you can still finish too!

(And, I titled this Icky Thump Lump because the White Stripes song seemed appropriate, and the upbeat tune is fun!)