I am a Winner!

What a feeling

It is done. It is there. 50,727 words, although the NaNo calculator says it is 50,648... I don't care. It's done.

On November 1st I took an idea that I had planned, plotted, and cultivated. I wrote and wrote, had good days and bad. There was a bit of a family emergency that necessitated my travelling out of town for several days. There were times that I had no idea where they were going next.

But today, November 29... I have an entire novel. And I couldn't be happier, or more proud of myself.

I hope everyone participating in National Novel Writing Month, 2013, was successful. Personally, I think that even if you didn't hit the 50K that you've still accomplished something special. You wrote. You wrote your best, and you can finish if you want to!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.