30,000 words!

I passed 30,000 words!
Specifically I now have 30,529! My wrists are so sore, but I am squarely back on the diagonal, back on track, and it feels awesome!

I didn't want to admit it, but I was worried for a few days there! My husband thinks that I work better when he is gone, and I don't want to tell him this, but he is right!

Today I wrote one of the funniest few sentences, and although I'm not going to share a lot of it, I will post them here: 

They worked for My South Interiors, Brindy Pugelsy's company, for years. Until Brindy lost his battle with a rare form of penile cancer. His dick literally fell off, and his mind wandered away as well. 
The reason this is funny to me is that I used to work for a company with a similar name, for a person with the same initials. He was the only person I ever heard my grandfather call an asshole, and he hated me. He fired me because his housekeeper called the office one day and asked where his dog was. I didn't know. She said that I was rude and wouldn't help her find the dog... it was amazing. 

I'm not sure this will end up in any published form of A Borrowed Life, but it was fun and cathartic for me to write it. That's the great thing about writing. You can imagine horrible fates for people who wronged you! 

Either that, or I am a horrible person.