Pedantic Planning Produces... Perfection!

I like alliteration!

I also like being organized and prepared. I like taking notes, making notes, having outlines, and to-do lists. I was once a secretary for a contractor and kept a spiral notebook where I would write the day's tasks, and cross them off when they were done. Then I would just transfer anything I hadn't gotten to to the next page, and start over again.

(It didn't matter, my boss, Brundy, had had a bad experience with my grandfather, an electrical contractor, and fired me a few months later. One of his complaints was that I hadn't known where his dog was one day. Seriously. My grandfather called him an asshole. It was the only time I ever heard him speak badly about someone.)

Being organized is in my nature. I remember the days of printing maps and directions. At one point I kept a little notebook in the car with directions to my dad's house and my uncle's house. I just like having things "just so."

It should surprise no one that I love printing and binding, and printing and binding all my notes and instructions! 

Behold the spiral bound outline for Borrowed Life, complete with color cover art from Gregory Lent! He's an amazing artist, and a very nice person to give a stranger permission to use his inspiring work.

I have NaNoWriMo broken down into chapters, and they are assigned to easily manageable days and sections. I aim to write during the week, not writing on the weekends, except for the first weekend!

My husband travels for his job, so when he's home, I don't bury myself in front of the computer! He will be in Des Moines the first weekend, so I can get a jump start on the month.

I've also accounted for Thanksgiving week. I'll access where I am in the book compared time left, and will try to write only on Monday and Tuesday and take the rest of the week off! This may or may not go according to plan!

But at the end of the month I truly hope I have a book that is at least good enough for me to rewrite and edit during a second draft, probably in December and January. 

I'm very excited about the story and its characters. I'm incorporating a lot of my hometown of Augusta, Georgia into it. So hopefully I'll do the city justice! 

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Good Luck to all of you participating! Happy writing!