National Novel Writing Month

  NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month is in November

Last year I was writing Planted during the challenge. I didn't participate because I was several chapters into a story that I was very invested in. I didn't want to start something new and derail my progress! But, I bookmarked the page, and vowed that I would be a 2013 winner!

The first draft of Planted is done! I'm going through that chapter by chapter for a second draft, and it's going well. Aside from the Scrivener setback, I'm still loving the story, and enjoying the process of writing it. Smiles all around!

And a special thank you to yWrite. Baby, you're free, and you never gave up on me! Muwah. :-) Perhaps one day I will find another writing program, one that will help me outline, organize, and track my changes. (And not drive me into psycho mode!)

But for now I'm just going to muddle on through. What did people do before computers? That's a silly question... no one wrote books before computers!

I've also spent the last couple of days working on an outline for a story idea I had several months ago. I can't remember exactly when the idea came to me, but I've learned a lesson, and I wrote down the thoughts I had at the time. They've been marinating in my computer, and when I pulled the file up the other day, I was just as interested in the idea as I was back then.

This is going to be my NaNoWriMo! It's called A Borrowed Life. And I'm super excited about bringing it to life. Tracy Kristy is a very ordinary person with a life no one would want, until a startling event opens her eyes to her past. Who is she really? Is she even alive at all?

The plan now... oh, I'm going to regret these words later!... the plan now is to write on weekdays, with a goal of around 2,500 words a day. That will put me just over 50,000 by the end of the month.

Have you thought about writing a story? A book? NaNoWriMo isn't just for novels. Well, it IS in the name, but I hear they aren't picky! You can write a screenplay, a memoir, anything you like. Anything that speaks to you. Anything that's buzzing around you, begging to be seen. You can join the fun and write also!

I will be posting my progress here or perhaps on Twitter. I'm stephlj_ there, follow me and help keep me on track!

Have Happy Days!


I'm off to go purchase my NaNoWriMo t-shirt and coffee mug... after all, isn't that the official start to any endeavor?