From the customer's point of view

Hugh Howey
writes some great books! I love this post where he reminds us to find the customer, and focus on them. 

I was a customer service trainer for a telecommunications company for many years. Sometimes it was like pulling teeth to get people to realize that he had to look at problems from the customer's point of view. The wireline industry is nearly dead, and I firmly believe it's due to the inability to bend and adapt for the customer. 

Writers and publishers might have this blind spot sometimes as well. :-) But in any business you have to ask yourself, "What does the customer want?" Then find a way to get as close to that as is feasible. 

Hugh talks about Amazon's Matchstick program, which I think is a great idea. Why not give the customer a free, or almost free ebook when they buy a hard copy? It makes sense to me! Amazon is famous for viewing their business from the customer's perspective, and it seems to be working for them!

Have a Happy Friday the 13th!