What's in a name?

What is in a name?
Do names have a special meaning? Do they reflect the character's personality or motivation? Can a name tell you what a character may really thinks or wants?

I think we assign a lot of meaning to names. I know that I do. I've chosen names almost as messages to a reader. Maybe the name is a bit of a spoiler: This character may not be as nice as you think and their name is a clue!

A while back I had the brilliant idea to give a character the last name of Athole. The character would be called Hugh Athole III, and I thought it was hilarious. I laughed out-loud thinking of possible scenarios for the Athole family! My husband, who is a much needed voice of reason told me this was a bad... bad idea! 

Today doing research for an old Scottish name, ancient Scottish name, I came across a website that lists Athole as a girls name! So, perhaps there is a future for the Athole family after all!

For me names aren't just an indication of the character. They are a reflection of my personality and humor as well. I hope my sense of irony comes across in my writing. I hope the things I thought were funny are funny to you as well. That's the trick isn't it. Making sure that you read with the same, or similar, emotion that I felt while writing. We shall see if I am at all successful!

Have Happy Days!


P.S. I think the character's name may end up being Brecken! It's more Irish than Scottish... but I bet I can make it work. :-)