Monday, August 12, 2013

Beta Readers:

This weekend I finally realized that I was going about the process of finding beta readers all wrong. I've asked friends and family, and shared several chapters that are pretty well polished.


No response! Radio silence.

In defense of my friends and family, they have busy lives. They all have jobs and kids, activities, and schedules. Me giving them the job of reading my chapters wasn't a favor, and I'm sure they just didn't have time.

But, part of me, a little part, that little monster that lives in your imagination that wants to tear you down... that part of me believes that everyone read my chapters and absolutely hated every single word!!!

I'm not going to let that thought process win! I'm going to keep looking for beta readers, and keep writing, and keep on keeping on.

Today I'm working on a scene that's just giving me hell. It's a party scene, and I know exactly what I want to happen, exactly what certain people need to see, hear, and say. And it's coming together very slowly. I've decided that my approach to this difficult scene is to just keep writing. Even if it's crap... keep writing. I'll probably rewrite the chapter a dozen times, so I have plenty of opportunities to make sure it's the great, pivotal moment that I want it to be!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Happy Readings!