Figuring it out

"I love it when a plan comes together!" - John "Hannibal" Smith

I do too. I love it when pieces of the story start clicking together, falling into a pattern, finally making sense. Recently a part of my story just wasn't coming together smoothly. The information was there, it needed to be told. But it had become a chapter that was essentially an information dump. It was clunky, chunky, not romantic, and probably not that interesting.

After a conversation with lovey hubby, it came together. I worked on it last night, and absolutely love, LOVE, what it has become. I also texted back and forth with a friend who had some good insights, and helped bolster my psyche!

In other news:

I have discovered recently, that a writer doesn't get paid for commas. This was completely new information! And now I have to apologize for the plethora of unwarranted commas littering this blog. Perhaps I'll leave it... to show growth? (I also know about my ellipses, I can't help it... I LOVE them!)

Have Happy Days!