Editing While Still Writing

When a first draft is complete --well, in this case, practically complete-- it's time to edit. Slash and burn. Cut and paste and correct.

It's the slashing and cutting that I have the most trouble with. See, I get attached to my words, and sometimes think of them as living things. Not literally living, but vital, abiding with my characters. Once that word has been placed in the story it's like a little baby who had just found a home. That word, that phrase, belongs..  not just in the story, but to the story. To take it out is difficult and cruel. 

But, I'm coming to terms with the fact that not every word can stay at the party. Not every word belongs to the story. Not every word is perfect and shiny... some need to be tossed back, polished, and perhaps can be used again another day, in another chapter, in another scene.

Have Happy Days!