We get by with a little help from our friends

Writing about things you don't know about

Researching is fun. Researching online is fun, and can be distracting! I'll look up one thing, then start reading twenty others. 

I usually have at least ten tabs open, and four or five programs on the computer open, and struggle with keeping my progress organized! I also have 2 spiral notebooks that I keep notes in... as well as the note pad app in my phone and on my Kindle. I actually started putting my first thoughts about Planted down on the Kindle almost a year ago!

But, now I'm researching and looking to develop specific information. If you know anything about these areas, or know anyone who is familiar with these subjects, please let me know! I love to talk to people one on one for more information. And, it really helps make the story and characters feel more authentic when you have an better understanding of different fields.

  • Marinas. Specifically owning or running a marina or public dock.
  • Sailing and sailboats.
  • Geology.
  • Surfing, surfboards, and surf culture.
Are you getting the idea that some of Planted is tied to the ocean? You may be correct!!! (You would actually be completely correct :-)

Now, why wouldn't I just write about things I know? Well, I don't know much. Being a mom, wife, and former corporate trainer hasn't left me a lot of time to explore these merry pursuits. I'm more of an expert on cooking the perfect steak with a creamy risotto, and balancing our checkbook!

Have Happy Days!