Planted: World Building

How to build a world that fits your book's theme

The Old Sheldon Church, Yemassee, South Carolina
We create characters, essentially, from scratch. Sure, we look at other people, both real and fictional, and chose parts of them to make our characters more interesting and real. But, even with that, we have to build them on a blank screen.

The same thing happens when we are building our world.

Planted is set in Savannah, Georgia, a place that I love and think is beautiful. 

For part of my story, I wanted a remote location that could be Luke and Lily's "special" place. The Old Sheldon church is in Yemassee, South Carolina, near Beaufort. It's a beautiful and serene old church that has been burned down more than once. 

But, I didn't want them to have to drive up there... so I moved it down to Savannah, using my literary license! There are a few other changes I made to the city of Savannah, and I hope the story supports my changes, and that my fellow southerners will forgive me.

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