Planted in progress

My story, Planted, is in progress!

I'm finding it fun and exciting to explore this area of creativity. Even though, when I read over earlier chapters and scenes, I always find tons of mistakes, it is still a very rewarding process.

The act of inventing characters is so much fun. You can just start from scratch and build any person you want. Create circumstances and opinions that aren't necessarily your own. One of my favorites so far is a girl named Terese, who is a bit of a villain, but hopefully someone people will love to hate!

Another character who plays a major role is Delacourt Shields, Del to his friends. He's led an exciting life, and raised his niece, Lily, since she was four. A kind and talented man, he protects his family with a fierce determination, a healthy dose of sarcasm, and learns to let go when he must.

It's difficult to talk about a book that is in progress, with no actual publishing date yet, but it helps motivate me to talk about the steps I'm taking.