Planted: Motivation

What motivates a writer to write?

What keeps us writing after the initial excitement of an idea flourishes?

For me, talking about my novel and it's themes really helps keep me interested and motivated. I'm very lucky that I have a supportive husband, who will listen as I bounce around different scenarios.

Not too long ago I was working through a difficult scene. It was a pre-transition scene, and I really wanted to use a party as a backdrop to give insight to several different characters. I needed to change some of their opinions and feelings, in order to justify the major changes that were about to take place. As I was wading through this, my husband and I sat down and talked about it. His help and encouragement was invaluable. He helped me integrate an under developed character from an earlier chapter, in a way that really tied the story line together.

I really hope that everyone who wants to write has someone that they can talk to about how their story is progressing and where it's going.

Have Happy Days!

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