2014 is kicking my butt!

This year is already kicking my butt.

Happy New Year!

2013 was an amazing year.

Posting Chapters!

I've begun posting chapters of A Borrowed Life!

New Looks!

What's a website if you can't make it pretty?

Last week!

This is the last week for National Novel Writing Month.

Day 21

Accurate description

Icky Thump Lump and pushing through

Have you ever felt a sort of uninspired disconnect?

30,000 words!

I passed 30,000 words!

Over the hump

With 27,898 words on day 17, I am still on the diagonal.

Half-way point!

Twenty Five Thousand words, and counting...

Getting Behind and Catching UP

I had been working really hard, getting words down, progressing, and really telling the story I want to tell for A Borrowed Life.

Isn't Steph supposed to be updating?

I've been so busy writing and being a social butterfly this week that I haven't even managed to update here since Monday! S

Everyday I have a goal

I start every day with a goal, or several goals.

Lessons and plans and things I did

When you learn something about yourself are you surprised? Or pleased at the self-aware discovery?

NaNoWriMo Progress!

Whew. November 2, and I've got 4 chapters done and more than 5600 words.

One more day.

One more day until I can begin writing A Borrowed Life. (Which I'm wondering if it should be called "Last Life")


When I was writing Planted I always knew that there would be a second book.

Diversity in writing

Today I read an interesting article about diversity in Young Adult novels. Here is an excerpt: